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Handy online chord chart generator

I’m pretty impressed with the web site which generates visual diagrams for fretting most of the essential open chords. It shows both the notes to fret and fingers that should be used to fret those notes. I’ve been using it to create charts I print out for students. I’d love to see them add more…… Continue reading Handy online chord chart generator

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Observing Al Di Meola’s edge picking (with video)

I recently watched an interview with guitarist Al Di Meola as part of a Google video program called Talks at Google. Al, a noted speed picker, plays a few tunes during the show and I noticed something relevant to my recent article, “A Survey of Guitar Picking, pt 2.” In that post I mentioned the idea…… Continue reading Observing Al Di Meola’s edge picking (with video)

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A Survey of Guitar Picking, part 1

(Note: clicking on any diagram in the posts goes to a larger version.) Click here for Part 2 Guitar picking is certainly an oft written about topic, usually with the goal of demonstrating how to play fast. I recently realized that I—closing in my 3rd decade playing guitar—still didn’t have a very good handle on…… Continue reading A Survey of Guitar Picking, part 1