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Emotional meaning in music

Warning: this is a rather philosophical post with limited practical value. 😉 In the world of music psychology and such you often see music compared and contrasted to language. This makes sense as both music and language use sound. Some would argue that they both use sound to communicate. In language, we know if a statement…… Continue reading Emotional meaning in music

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Software that helps humans compose

In previous posts here I’ve talked about the idea of computers and AI composing music. Today I’d like to consider the possibility of computers aiding in human composition. Specifically I ask: can we envision a software that works with humans, particularly non-musicians, to create music? One might ask, “why would we even try?” I think…… Continue reading Software that helps humans compose

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What can Star Wars teach us about writing a great guitar solo?

I’ve occasionally stumbled unto the advice that a guitar solo should tell a story. But what is really meant by that? Let’s take a look a great story: Star Wars. What happens in that movie? Well, Luke Skywalker stumbles across some lost droids belonging to the old nomad, Ben Kenobi. Upon receiving the droids, Ben tells…… Continue reading What can Star Wars teach us about writing a great guitar solo?