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Forbes on AI Music

Amper Music, an AI music composition tool I mentioned a while back, recently announced a four million dollar investment. Forbes took the opportunity to post an article about the AI music space in general. If you’re curious about this sort of thing (as I am) it’s worth a look.

In particular I was interested in this ‘graph examining some of the ethical and legal issues.

The main reason the AI approach stands out is because it is certifiably confirming music as a commodity (similar to some of today’s inexpensive stock libraries) by ironically placing computers in the driver’s seat of the creative process. Could AI do to music what E-ZPass did to tollbooth workers? While this could be a really beneficial tool to content creators, it’s an uncharted territory for the music industry.  How do AI music creators ensure originality and avoid melodies of a song that already exists? This also brings up other subjects such as copyright registrations, royalty collection and crediting, and it will be interesting to see how the business side of the market adapts to these advances.

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