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While bumbling around on Twitter I came across this article. Hypercreators Own The Music Industry & You Need To Become One

The article seeks to answer the question: how does one succeed in the music creation business? The short answer is: work harder (e.g create more.)

The article is about all kinds of music but its advice could certainly apply to the kind of production music that I create—backing music for video, games etc.

Modern technology has removed nearly all of the barriers preventing artists from creating music constantly and sharing that music with a worldwide audience. Being able to make more music means that artists can have more opportunities to connect with their fans. It also means that artists can have a larger catalog of material to sell or license.

The musicians that will succeed in this world will be the ones who are best able to take advantage of these developments. This means creating lots of music—far more than the musicians of previous generations did.

This certainly makes sense. It’s easier to get noticed if you have a back catalog of 300 songs than if you have 30.

But I also wonder if thousands of artists flooding the market with tens of thousands of songs can do more harm than good. Is there a point when music becomes so available that it is close to worthless? I might draw a comparison to air. Air is certainly a valuable commodity—we need it to live. But it’s also so easily accessed and available that nobody can sell air.  If musicians flood the market with music does it become like air?

To be honest, I often get out the web and listen to the various “epic fantasy” or “cinematic suspense” tracks offered by composers and, after a while, they all sound the same. I’m not sure adding a thousand more really accomplishes anything.

But what do I know?

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