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A look at “Justine’s Garden” (uke song/video)

This is a baritone uke piece I’ve been toying around with for a while. I’m always interested in the design of music and thought I would break down the song here.

The tune starts off with a series of arpeggios all built off chords in the E minor scale.  This section then repeats with a bit more urgency to it.

From there it moves to a busier section that also repeats. This section ends on the chords D7 and G (basically setting up a move to a G major tonality.)

From there things shift to a different texture, more strummed chords with little melodic bits in between.

That finally moves to a higher rhythmic pattern that has Latin feel to me (still using the G chord as the center.) Then it’s back to the preceding strummed chords section.

From there things open up with some delicate, free time single note melodic “stuff” that leads us back to the opening E min arpeggios. Mood wise, I would say the song starts out pensive, gets happy (as the Partridge Family might advise) and the ends back on pensiveness.

The song is dedicated to a friend of mine’s aunt who passed away about a year ago.

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