San Diego Ukulele Lessons

Over on my music instruction page I talk about my overall approach to music instruction. On this page I’d like to talk specifically about what I offer on the realm of ukulele lessons.

About Me
I grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii so the ukulele is very familiar to me. I’m very happy to see the instrument have a resurgence driven by virtuoso islanders like Jake Shimabukuro and Taimane. (I played, with Alison Marae, at a recent San Diego Ukulele Festival that Taimane headlined.)

I teach beginning to intermediate level ukulele. I’m comfortable on both the baritone uke and the higher register versions of the instrument such as soprano, concert and tenor.

Teaching Approach
My approach to teaching the instrument is to introduce students to chords, scales and strums that can be combined together to play songs. The ukulele is uniquely suited towards the “chord melody” style playing in which both the harmony and melody of a song are played at the same time.

I often help lead ukulele strum-alongs where uke players gather at coffeehouses and restaurants to play through tunes and have a good time. Students are more than welcome at these.

Click here for ukulele lessons posted on this site.

I plan on adding some examples of my ukulele playing to this page shortly. Here’s a video of me playing a original song on baritone ukulele.

Contact Me
To get in touch with me about ukulele lessons in San Diego, email me at or use the Contact Form below: