Will live music performance move into virtual worlds?

I’ve never been a big video game guy. Back when I played at all, games like Defender and Ms. Pac-Man were the big thing. Nonetheless, I’ve read a number of articles lately that make the point that video games have become incredibly immersive and realistic, in some cases creating a second reality for players. Here’s…… Continue reading Will live music performance move into virtual worlds?

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Software that helps humans compose

In previous posts here I’ve talked about the idea of computers and AI composing music. Today I’d like to consider the possibility of computers aiding in human composition. Specifically I ask: can we envision a software that works with humans, particularly non-musicians, to create music? One might ask, “why would we even try?” I think…… Continue reading Software that helps humans compose

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How could creative computers affect human psychology?

I’ve been writing lately about the rise of computer songwriting/composition and how that could affect the job market for musicians. There’s another concern tied to all this, a more philosophical concern. How does the rise of creative software affect our notion of what it is to be human? This question really transcends music and applies…… Continue reading How could creative computers affect human psychology?

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Individuals/Companies Creating Computer Composed Music

(Note: I retitled this post on March 10, 2017.) A topic that has fascinated me in recent years is that of computers writing music. They’ve actually been doing it for some time. This is, of course, a controversial idea and questions abound. Will computer songwriters put working human composers out of work? Should we even…… Continue reading Individuals/Companies Creating Computer Composed Music