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How To Buy Your First Electric Guitar

The following is a shared article not written by myself.


The Singemonkey

I wrote this in 2012 on the South African Guitar Forum. I’ve had very good responses to this piece and thought it worth sharing here. I also wanted to make some edits and updates, as I’m not able to edit the original. While it’s slanted towards the equipment available in South Africa, I feel that the general advice will steer you straight in any context.

You’re about to buy your first electric guitar.  You want to be smart about it.  You do not want to look back in 15 years time on facepalm-worthy mistakes.  Most of us veterans have done this–wondered why we bought some totally inappropriate piece of gear when far better options were available.  This guide is an approach to avoiding that moment, no matter your interests or what direction guitar playing takes you.

The guitar:

This is the best time there’s ever been to buy a first guitar…

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